Old practices with new tools and approaches: Digital storytelling as a teaching, learning and cultural medium

Περιγραφή συμποσίου:

They were absolutely still. All the faces were turned, like radii of a circumference, toward the central point: the silhouette of a man at the heart of that circle of Machiguengas drawn to him as to a magnet, standing there speaking.

Extract from Lliosa M.V. (1989) The storyteller.

Storytelling is inherent in human nature, both as a mechanism for meaning making and as a medium for cultural expression, knowledge conveyance and preservation. With the advent and proliferation of available technologies, storytelling, like other activities, quickly went digital. Quoting Ben Haggarty’s , a famous, contemporary storyteller and performer, “it is the power of those things. You can take people places, whether they want it or not, you can get into their minds and create stuff”. Extending this exert, interactive digital technologies make “living a story” more realistic than ever.

In this symposium we aim to explore the central functions of storytelling, employed in the context of education and culture, mediated by (interactive) digital technologies. Our view on digital technologies is in line with the concept of instrumentalization, according to which the initial intended use of a tool as it was conceived by the its designer may change as the tool is used and shaped through different practices. Moreover, we aim at examining new ways of exploiting stories for teaching, learning and sharing information, insights and knowledge.

Under this perspective we aim to explore how we tell our stories today and how the use of new media shape the form, the content and the exploitation of these stories.

We invite contributions that fall within, but are not restricted to, the following topics:

  • Digital storytelling and games – game design
  • Transmedia and cross media storytelling
  • (Interactive) Digital Storytelling as a medium for teaching and learning in various settings
  • Digital Storytelling tools for education
  • Digital storytelling as a medium for cultural heritage and preservation. Applications in museums
  • Digital storytelling and ubiquitous computing
  • Digital storytelling and Special Education
  • Digital storytelling as a medium of externalization
  • Digital storytelling as a form of artistic expression

Contributions can be either in Greek or in English, they should follow the template of the conference proceedings and their length should be between 6-10 pages.

The symposium will be divided into two sessions/sections, following its dual focus. The first section, led by Tharrenos Bratitsis and Maria Kordaki will focus mainly on the educational exploitation of digital storytelling and the design/implementation of corresponding tools. The second section, led by Nikolaos Avouris, Nikoleta Giannoutsou and Maria Makri will focus on the examination of how stories are being told within the scope of the digital era.