Researh on e-Learning and ICT in Education: Technological,Pedagogical and Instructional Issues

Since 2010 Springer publishes a volume entitled “Research on e-learning and ICT in Education: Technological, Pedagogical and Instructional Issues”. This volume welcomes contributions based on selected full papers presented at the 10th Pan-Hellenic and International Conference “ICT in Education”.
This volume aims to include papers covering technical, pedagogical, organizational, instructional, as well as policy aspects of ICT in Education and e-Learning. Special emphasis is given to applied research relevant to the educational practice guided by the educational realities in schools, colleges, universities and informal learning organizations. In a more generic scope, this volume aims to encompass current trends, perspectives, and approaches determining e-Learning and ICT integration in practice, including learning and teaching, curriculum and instructional design, learning media and environments, teacher education and professional development, etc.